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Your Corporate Travel Solutions Partner


We provide complete travel solutions for all your business, leisure, conferences and incentive travel requirements. With our expertise and high quality of service standards we ensure complete satisfaction, reduce costs and maximise traveler welfare, allowing them to focus on their business or preferred leisure activities in their favorite holiday spot.


Business travel is essential for building better relationships and crucial for driving growth. But it can be complex to manage and demanding for travelers. Complex because of the multiplicity of distribution channels and the ever-evolving pricing models airlines and hotel companies apply. Demanding because of the time and energy required and the need for travelers to stay productive while on the go.




Understanding the customer’s need and striving to meet those needs is the key to our success. We want our relationship with customers to be honest and open. We hire the best people, encourage and train them, provide them with tools they need and let them succeed in providing superior service delivery.

We can help you achieve your objectives by offering

• Excellent customer service
• Reduced Travel expenses
• MIS reports
• Stronger relationship with travel suppliers
• Easy, accurate and efficient travel reservation process

We start with identifying the pain areas in your current arrangement and how we can take the identified weaknesses and show improved results. To ensure excellent customer service you will be assigned with an experienced, industry-savvy Account Manager. Reducing your T&E costs will be a primary focus. Evaluating and revise current policies, procedures by benchmarking to industrial standards, etc

Provide an Easy, Accurate, and Efficient Travel Reservation Process. Our company utilizes multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and online booking tools. We have the ability to assess customer’s needs and provide a product that is the right fit for the customer.

We provide variety of MIS reports to enable our customers’ the visibility and control to assess their travel programme

Airfare Savings Report – details the fare paid against the normal published fare and lowest available fare offered at the time of booking. The reasons for the lost savings are also noted including insufficient notice, routing, flexibility, minimum stay requirements

Traveller Analysis – lists the breakdown, by traveller, of expenses incurred for the period covered, including class of travel and routing

Hotel and Car Hire Savings Report – details the rate paid against the lowest available rate offered at the time of booking. A reason will also be provided if the rate offered was rejectedd

Airline Usage – features the number of trips and value spent per airline both domestic and international

Unused e-Ticket Report – highlights any previously issued e-tickets that have not been used and remain available for future use

Effective travel management is an ongoing process that is within the reach of any company committed to balancing cost control, traveler safety and well-being, and sustainability. To that end, proven practices must be adhered to and performance continually monitored to derive the fullest value from a travel program.

Contact us today and leave it to the experts to manage your corporate travel requirements. We guarantee reduced travel expense for your company


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